Stamps.com (herein referred to as the "Company") is committed to the fair disclosure of information about the company without advantage to any particular analyst or investor, consistent with the Security and Exchange Commission's (SEC) Fair Disclosure Regulation ("Regulation FD") which became effective October 23, 2000.
Public Disclosure Mechanisms

The Company will disclose information in a way that ensures full disclosure to the public. The methods used to ensure full public disclosure may include the following: issuing a press release, filing or furnishing the SEC with a Form 8-K or including the information in another document filed with the SEC, a web cast or conference call that is available to the public. The Company will utilize any combination of the above methods or other methods designed to ensure full public disclosure.


Authorized Communications

Persons authorized to communicate generally with the financial community are limited to the CEO, CFO, and the Director of Investor Relations. Other Officers may communicate with the financial community in certain circumstances, but only when given express permission from the CEO or CFO. 

All inquiries from investors, financial analysts, research firms, investment professionals and the financial community should be directed to authorized representatives in the Company. Any inquiries related to the stock, financial and investment information should also be directed to the authorized Company representatives. 

Media interviews are generally considered exempt from Regulation FD however they must comply with the Company's disclosure controls policy.


Earnings and Guidance

The Company will hold quarterly conference calls to discuss financial results, the business outlook and provide earnings guidance. The conference call will be available to the public via broadcast over the Internet from the investor relations section on the Company's website. In addition, notification of the conference call will be made approximately one to two weeks prior to the call via a Company press release. A playback of the call will also be available for a reasonable period of time from the investor section of the website. 

The Company will provide earnings guidance on a quarterly basis via our quarterly earnings press release and on our quarterly conference call. All guidance, including initial guidance for a period or changes to existing guidance, will be made through an appropriate public disclosure method.



The most current Company presentation will be available to the public from the investor relations section of the Company's website. All material information included in the presentation will have been previously disclosed through a Company approved disclosure process. 

The Company presents at investor conferences on a periodic basis. At these events, the Company will seek to broadcast the presentation on the internet if it anticipates discussion of new information related to recent publicly disclosed material events. In the absence of recent publicly disclosed material events, the Company may choose not to broadcast the presentation.


One-on-One Meetings and Conversations

One-on-one meetings and conversations with investors, potential investors, financial analysts and security market professionals are an important component of the Company's on-going investor relations efforts. However, the Company will not discuss material, non-public information during these meetings or conversations. Conversations will be limited to discussions of information that has been previously disclosed, non-material information or generally known company or industry information such as historical company or industry information, generally identifiable industry trends, or previously disclosed company strategies or goals.


Analyst Reports and Models

Any review of an analyst's draft report or model will only be performed by the CEO, CFO or Director of Investor Relations. Comments related to the draft will be limited to: correcting errors of historical fact, pointing out already public information or providing non-material information.



All inquiries regarding the Company's fair disclosure policy should be communicated to the Company's Investor Relations Department, at the contact information generally available at www.stamps.com.